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Re: ppp does not set default route

ive had this problem too

to get around it i just 'ifconfig eth0 down'

before logging on

then restart networking after logging off in potato it shoulld be
/etc/init.d/network restart


On Fri, 28 Jul 2000, Erik van der Meulen wrote:

e.van. >Dear group. I am installing Potato in a laptop which has both an pcmcia
e.van. >lan connection but should be able to dial up to a provider occasionally.
e.van. >The lan card works fine. I can dial into the provider also, but am
e.van. >unable to get ethernet connectivity until I do: route add default ppp0
e.van. >In the ppp-howto I find:
e.van. >
e.van. >  If pppd refuses to set up a default route, it is because (quite
e.van. >  correctly) it refuses to remove/replace an existing default route.
e.van. >
e.van. >  The usual reason that this error occurs is that some distributions set
e.van. >  up a default route via your Ethernet card as opposed to setting up a
e.van. >  specific network route.
e.van. >
e.van. >  Fixing up this last situation can require a fair bit of IP networking
e.van. >  knowledge and is beyond the scope of this HOWTO. It is suggested you
e.van. >  obtain some expert advice
e.van. >  (via the news groups of from someone locally you can ask).
e.van. >
e.van. >This leaves me here ;-)
e.van. >I hope someone can give me a bit of this 'expert advice', or pointers to
e.van. >where I can obtain it.
e.van. >
e.van. >Thanks a lot!
e.van. >
e.van. >--
e.van. >  Erik van der Meulen <e.van.der.meulen@avondel.nl>
e.van. >
e.van. >
e.van. >-- 
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