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Re: current Redhat user evaluates Debian

"John L. Fjellstad" wrote:
>  Hi,
> I'm a current RedHat user (started with Linux on RedHat because
> it was available at Fry's), and I'm currently evaluating
> Debian for a possible switch.
> Can anyone come up with a list of advantages of using Debian
> Linux over Redhat Linux?

I chose Debian over RedHat for dselect, which gives the ability
to see the list of packages available on a scrolling screen,
with controls to see various depths of information, and to change
grouping, and search, all "at once".  Also, the Debian packages
seemed more atomic, giving me more granular control over what
I installed (granted, RedHat had an improvement over Slackware,
with it's multi-diskette filesets), which fits the control-freak
aspect of my personality ;{)>

I think that there are more Debian Developers than RedHat hombres,
but I don't have numbers (lies, damn lies and statistics...),
and believe that fixes come through more quickly, on the average,
than RedHat.

In addition to this, this an opportunity for me to contribute
to the Debian effort in a way that I could not with RedHat,
by becoming a Developer myself, and adding to the swelling
ranks, along with ca. 200 others.

> I would also love to hear any the weaknesses Debian has compared
> RedHat.

Hunh?!  What's that?

Oh, I almost forgot to mention:  I feel that Debian's commitment
to Freedom in Software is stronger than that of RedHat, and that
is another advantage of Debian,.... but that's a
religious/political/ethical issue that maybe ought not be brought
up just yet...
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