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Re: current Redhat user evaluates Debian

On 28 Jul, Bolan Meek wrote:


> Oh, I almost forgot to mention:  I feel that Debian's commitment
> to Freedom in Software is stronger than that of RedHat, and that
> is another advantage of Debian,.... but that's a
> religious/political/ethical issue that maybe ought not be brought
> up just yet...

Dunno about that - it was Debian's committment to the GNU/OSF ideology
that drew /me/ to it in the first place. I've been tampering with Linux
since v0.01 (when there were /no/ commercial releases), and have tried
just about all of the mainstream bundles. Despite having used RH with
Samba for several fairly complex networks supporting commercial
intranets, WANS amd LANS, I felt an increasing disquiet as RH seemed to
move further towards the Dark Side. The transition from it to Debian
wasn't completely painless, and initially caused a few minor headaches.
But the end result is considerably more stable than the RH installation,
and infinitely superior to the M$/Novell system that preceded either (or
me!!). It is also (IMHO) a better structured installation, and conforms
more closely to the FSS. Although RH etc periodically use newer
incarnations of some packages, the earlier versions are usually
completely functional and are thoroughly tested. I still have one RH 5.1
box operating successfully as a router - mainly because it works and it
will be somewhat disruptive to change it over. But it's so basic an
installation that it barely justifies being called RH anyway - and even
its existence here is only a result of my laziness! (if it aint broke

Incidentally - router uptime is currently 187 days, while that of the
bastion host is "only" 132 (and that only because it was pulled down to
"debianize" the system). I love telling that to colleagues using NT or
Netware systems ;)

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