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Re: current Redhat user evaluates Debian

I did the same a while back.  i've swiched all my boxes 
so far.

First up the only weekness I've found.  If you're running
"stable" you may be a bit behind other distributions.  Stable
doesn't mean "hey, it worked fine for me".  Stable means its
been very thouroughly tested and done right.  This is a very
good thing, but it does cause some considerable lag sometimes.

Debian is extremely stable and amazingly versitile.  It will
surprise you what you can find packaged for it.  And Alien
does a great job of converting .tgz and .rpm to debian
.deb packages.  The dependancy resolution of apt/dpkg blows
away rpm, including the ability to say "hey, you need this for
the packages you want to install but don't have it.  Want me
to get it and isnstall it for you?"

The network install has worked great for me over a 24K 
connection a couple times.  There are many mirrors so getting 
updates is easy.    The support on this list is amazing.


Thus spake John L. Fjellstad (john-list@fjellstad.org):

>  Hi,
> I'm a current RedHat user (started with Linux on RedHat because
> it was available at Fry's), and I'm currently evaluating
> Debian for a possible switch.
> Can anyone come up with a list of advantages of using Debian
> Linux over Redhat Linux?
> I would also love to hear any the weaknesses Debian has compared
> RedHat.
> Thanks,
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