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Re: PHP4 functions

Hi Alan,

thanks for your idea. I tried it but it didn't work.

The code I used was:
  echo extension_loaded("mysql");
  echo phpinfo();

I get the following output from that script:
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: extension_loaded() in 
/var/www/links/content/test.php on line 2

I also checked the phpinfo() output, the mod_php4 module for Apache is loaded
and other scripts are working.

These are the dselect selections for my PHP installation:
*** Opt web      php4         4.0b3-6     4.0b3-6     A server-side, HTML-embed
*** Opt web      php4-gd      4.0b3-6     4.0b3-6     GD module for php4
*** Opt web      php4-imap    4.0b3-6     4.0b3-6     IMAP module for php4
*** Opt web      php4-mysql   4.0b3-6     4.0b3-6     MySQL module for php4
*** Opt web      php4-xml     4.0b3-6     4.0b3-6     XML module for php4

Did I forget a package?

Thanks for your help.



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