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Re: web server suggestions

Sven Burgener wrote:
> Hi all
> Sorry for this being so highly off-topic, forgive me; I need the infos.
> (It's just that debian lists are an excellent resort for information)
> I'd like some infos from people who've had experience with this:
> What web server software is in your opinion best for running on an NT
> machine? (Yes, NT)
For reasons of compatibility and ease of maintainence, I strongly
suggest staying with IIs or some other server designed for NT. It (NT)
has enough problems without trying to get it to do something that
Microsoft has effectively tried to keep folks from doing (using open
source software).

> (How) does Apache run on NT?

It runs fine, but the windows version is not as robust as the Linux/Unix
etc. version. Plus, you will need to install some type of Perl
(ActiveState) to get it to do anything worthwhile.
> The reason I'm posting this, though, is, that a friend of mine needs the
> infos, so I'll send any replies straight back to him.

Tell your friend to check out the Apache and the ActiveState web site
for explicit info.

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