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Re: NT Authentication over Debian Firewall/Router

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> Hi List...
> This is not really debian related, (could even be not Linux related), but
> there's a lot of good knowledge here...
> I have a internal (10.x.y.z) windows NT network, it's conncted to the
> outside world through a linux proxy/fw/gateway (potato). The linux box
> also connects a DMZ area for the webservers etc. Now the problem is that
> we want to connect one of the NT servers from the private lan, and move it
> to the DMZ area. When we do so, it can no longer find the NT Domain
> controller (discovery by broadcasts) that is in the private lan, it needs
> this PDC/BDC for user authentication.
> How do I get this NT server in the DMZ area to be able to find and contact
> the PDC or BDC in the private lan.

You'll need some way of the NT server in the DMZ to actually know that
there is a domain; if discovery by broadcast won't work, you need a WINS
server for the DMZ'd NT server to find the PDC on the private LAN.

There's not a whole lot more I can say without knowing more about the
setup inside the firewall...

Phil Brutsche				    pbrutsch@tux.creighton.edu

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