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NT Authentication over Debian Firewall/Router

Hi List...

This is not really debian related, (could even be not Linux related), but
there's a lot of good knowledge here...

I have a internal (10.x.y.z) windows NT network, it's conncted to the
outside world through a linux proxy/fw/gateway (potato). The linux box
also connects a DMZ area for the webservers etc. Now the problem is that
we want to connect one of the NT servers from the private lan, and move it
to the DMZ area. When we do so, it can no longer find the NT Domain
controller (discovery by broadcasts) that is in the private lan, it needs
this PDC/BDC for user authentication.

How do I get this NT server in the DMZ area to be able to find and contact
the PDC or BDC in the private lan.

Please include a cc: to me... i'm on the digest list only...

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