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SoundBlaster Vibra PCI 128


Anyone have any ideas how to get a SoundBlaster Vibra PCI 128 working? (Or
if it is at all possible?)

Secondly, I get the feeling it should be possible to recompile just the
modules, after possibly selecting more or less modules in "make
menuconfig" (or make config of course), without recompiling the whole
kernel. How does one go about doing this using make-kpkg, or does one have
to use more "conventional" tools directly to be able to do this?

Hugo van der Merwe

ps. I get the feeling most people (incl. me) have a habit of automatically
CC:'ing to the author. Is it still necessary to mention that I would
appreciate it? ("it" = CC'ing to me at hugo@mailroom.com) Thanks.

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