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Re: Command Line on logout

Joey Tsai wrote:
> Well, I use gdm, and the problem I have is that I cannot remove it without
> breaking task-helix-core, which keeps me up to date with the helixcode packages.

You *can* remove gdm safely.  All the other packages will still be in the
system, and so will still be kept up-to-date.

I've been using Helix Gnome for some time now.  And one of the very first
things I did after install task-helix-gnome was blow away gdm.

Sure, the task package got removed as well, but so what?  It had already
done its job - it caused everything I needed to be installed.  My Helix
Gnome installation has been faithfully kept up-to-date by a daily apt-get
update; apt-get dist-upgrade just fine.
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