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RE: Command Line on logout

remove the reference to XDM in the startup scripts, deinstall XDM, or remove
the symlinks to XDM in /etc/rcX.d directories (this just prevents it from
starting, does not remove it).
XDM can be a pain. At one point X setup crashed halfway through, leaving a
corrupted setup file. Next boot, XDM sees a setup file, starts X, blank
screen. Ctrl-Alt-BS, X closes, XDM sees X is down, XDM starts X, eternal
loop (at the time the machine had no network card, so using telnet to kill
XDM was not possible...).

J.T. Wenting

Murphy was wrong, things that can't go wrong will anyway

P.S. While we're talking about screens, how to turn of screenblanking in

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> Subject: Command Line on logout
> How do I get rid of the graphic login that comes up when I log
> out of X? It
> makes it impossible for me to do anything from the command line. It's the
> yellow screen that asks for my username and password.
> thanks
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