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Upgrading XFree86 on slink for i810 chipset

I need your advice. I have an Intel i810 chipset and the driver requires
XFree86 version 3.3.6, but slink has 3.3.2. The driver also requires a
kernel module which is for 2.2 kernels, while slink has 2.0 kernels.
Additionally, the Intel support site offers the driver, and they say the
i810 driver also needs glibc2.1, presumably because they distribute it as a
binary file compiled for glibc2.1. But slink only has glibc2.0.

First question: Do I really need glibc2.1, or can I build XFree86 and the
driver with glibc2.0? I notice two different versions of the 3.3.6 binaries
for depending on which version of glibc. Unfortunately I didn't see the i810
driver in the binary directories, but I did find it in the Xfree86 sources.

For the best stability, would it be better to try to keep glibc 2.0 and
build the driver on slink, or would the best solution to be to upgrade to
potato, which has kernel 2.2 and glibc2.1, but is not the stable version and
just install the binary from Intel? No matter what I will have to upgrade
the kernel to 2.2 to run the agpgart kernel module.

Thanks in advance.

Br. Chuck Zmudzinski

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