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Re: Disk Defragmentation

On Tue, Jul 25, 2000 at 04:50:52PM +0200, Frodo Baggins wrote:
> Jon Hughes scripsit:
> >What sort of Disk Defragmenters are there out there
> >for debian?  I have located one called 'defrag', but
> >it requires me to unmount the hard drives, which is
> >something I would (if possible) like to avoid, if it's
> >just cause I'm lazy:b  Can anyone recommend anything
> >else, or is this the only possible solution?
> Hi,
>  AFAIK, there is no need for defragmenter in Linux:)))

Not strictly true, but for small values of universality, a good rule.

My question -- is the level of fragmantation the "noncontiguous files"
reported by e2fsck?  AFAIK, so long as this is small, say < 5% or so,
performance isn't grossly effected.

ext2fs _does_ tend to *minimize* fragmentation.

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