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Re: openssh vs. ssh

I'm not familiar with the exact mechanism you're using, but in my 
ssh tunnels I say something like

ssh -f -x -l majewski -L 6143:imap.cs.ubc.ca:143 cascade.cs.ubc.ca imapl

where 'imapl' is a program that loops more or less forever.

Not sure if this is necessary, or if it's necessary only because the 
host I'm running the pipe on is not the same as the host at the other end of
the pipe, or if  it's not necessary at all, but in  any case I haven't
gotten anything else to work.. 

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Adam Shand wrote:

> hi.
> i recently changed mailserver that i pop my mail off of, and the new one
> uses openssh on debian instead of ssh on solaris.  i used a preconnect to
> tunnel the session via ssh with a line like this:
>   preconnect "ssh -C -f -L 1100:maus.spack.org:110 maus.spack.org 'sleep 9'"
> this used to work perfectly but now doesn't and the only thing i can
> figure is something different about the way open ssh handles port
> forwarding.  
> does anyone know off what the deal is and how i need to change this to
> make it work?  if not i'll go digging through the docs to see if i can
> figure it out.
> thanks,
> adam.
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