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Re: Debian Linux Virtual Server, It's possible?

On Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 03:10:25PM -0500, Brooks R. Robinson wrote:
> 	What do you plan to run on it?  A simple web server with very plain vanilla
> .html files runs super-nice.  
	At the moment the html files are 'frontpage garbaged', so I'll have to clean them with too much care.
>I applaud your choice to go again
> traditional(?) concepts, I battle the same thing here everyday.  
	Thank's ... but the creature isn't running yet :-/
>If you want
> a good package to determine if you've got Apache, PHP3, and postgresql all
> working together well is imp.  
	I'll take a view
>Basically it's a web based e-mail package,
> very nice  By the way, thanks to all the deb's that suggested it to me ;).
	We'll see sooner, regards!.

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