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Re: Debian Linux Virtual Server, It's possible?

On Wed, Jul 26, 2000 at 01:21:35PM -0400, Adrian Thiele wrote:
> I haven`t played with the gsp pages, however I have used jakarta-tomcat as a
> servlet/jsp engine with good success. 
	Well ... jakarta-tomcat is Jserv based, it's sound ok ...
> you talking multiple machines? How much traffic do you expect? Or are you
> just planning for roll over in case of failure . Sounds like overkill, but I
 	that's right ... it's an high availavility 'experience'
> don`t know you`re situation. You may also want to consider using Samba for
> NFS. It will help windoze users recognize the server drives normally. i
	yes, yes, but for security reasons, at least in the first moments the thing will be in a 'demilitarized zone' out of the intranet bounds (ftp'ing possible)
> much data for the databases? I have found mySql very user friendly , but
> currently use an Oracle database due to my employeers needs.
	I'm considering to begin with SQL Server (ODBC UNIX bridge ...) but as last resort.
> Get back with me, maybe we can both learn something
	 Fine! we see in the way! I'll mantain you with 'fresh news'. Tomorrow (or today, I live in Spain ...) I must write the full report.

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