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Debian Linux Virtual Server, It's possible?


	I'm planning to build a Debian Linux Virtual Server Internet Web in substitution of a Windows NT IIS based Web, with frontpage extensions, ASP pages and SQL Server.
	First of all, I know this is a hard task, then I need some advice if possible.
	My employer has given to me ONE opportunity, and I'm sure that the beast is a real thing. My idea is to build a cluster based web server, ala Linux Virtual Server with DDR, with two heartbeated directors, two real web (and mail) servers, router, switch and related things.
	The real servers will have RAID-1 scsi disks.
	Software: debian (potato), apache, sendmail, LVS software, Postgresql in place of SQL Server, and gsp (java gnu server pages) in place of ASP. Initially (is a production web server with huge amounts of data) i must run frontpage extensions, and gradually i'm planning migrate to strict XHTML (and XML in a near future, if THEY haven't put me in the street :-)).

	Some suggestions?, Have I drunk too much beer?, Help me!!

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