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Re: putting existing disk space into files

Not sure if this should or shouldn't work, but have you tried grepping 
the device corresponding to your hard drive (/dev/hda1 or whatever)?

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Richard E. Hawkins wrote:

> I need to turn the ~80mb of free space on my laptop into files so that 
> I can search them.  I"m figuring to make them ~10mb each so that I can 
> grep them silly, filter them, etc., in a last-ditch attempt to find my 
> paper (I have a 40mb swap partition that can be used for this until I 
> succeed).
> Can anyone tell me how to do this?  TO complicate matters, this  machine
> has no internet access, as the pcmcia apparently no longer works.
> hawk
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