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Re: painful mail/fetchmail problems

On Tue, Jul 25, 2000 at 02:25:33PM -0700, Jim Ray wrote:
> I would delete that message manually and see if the problem goes away.  I have seen certain messages cause this problem but I have never figured out why this happens.
> jim ray
> On Tue, Jul 25, 2000 at 07:53:20PM +0000, Paul Phillips wrote:
> > Under debian frozen, kernel 2.2.15.
> > 
> > Somewhere around a week ago, fetchmail started hanging on me.  After
> > fairly thorough investigation I'm still not sure just what changed to
> > cause this, or even whether it's client side or server; though, I think
> > it's something on the server, because I didn't change anything that I'm
> > aware of, and a different pop server looks to be working.  If it is the
> > server, I still need to work around it...
> > 
> > The behavior is this:
> > 
> > orbit:~> fetchmail --all 
> > 79 messages for paulp at pop.ricochet.net (325997 octets).
> > reading message 1 of 79 (3312 octets) . [and now hang here]

When this happens to me, either /var/log/message or /var/log/mail shows
that the Sender: field failed to validate.  I think this results from the
message showing a local domain name as sender instead of a valid internet
name. (Note: this was on a non-debian system.)

> > 
> > Eventually it times out.  The first message gets delivered locally at that
> > point, but not deleted from the server.  I thought it might have something
> > to do with the message itself, but I manually deleted the first one that
> > caused this from the pop server and it didn't help.

Hmm, that's "fixed" the problem in my experience.

Ken Irving
Trident Software

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