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Re: terminal goes funky

On Tue, Jul 25, 2000 at 09:38:07PM +0200, Sven Burgener wrote:
> Silly me accidentally cat'ed a binary file, which caused the terminal 
> (tty1) to go all funky.
> It seems to display things fine, but just with weird characters instead
> of proper ones. Some characters are fine though, like the "GNU" part of
> the login prompt. :)
> I saw someone undoing a situation as such, but forgot how to do it as I
> very seldom get bogged like this.
> A reboot would surely fix this, but I dont want to do that. Kill or
> HUP'ing the getty doesn't do the job.

Press ^V then ^O then ENTER at the prompt.

The system will echo back:
bash: ^O: command not found

You've just got the system to send a ^O character to the screen which will
reset it gracefully.

Try it, it has worked for me for years (I'm dumb enough to cat a binary file
on a regular basis -- something like once/month :) ).


"... the most serious problems in the Internet have been caused by 
unenvisaged mechanisms triggered by low-probability events; mere human 
malice would never have taken so devious a course!" - RFC 1122 section 1.2.2

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