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Upgrading to Potato on-line: any tips?

** Reply to note from Anthony Campbell <a.campbell@doctors.org.uk> Mon, 24 Jul 2000 10:09:04 +0100

I did just that a few weeks ago and ended up with a non-bootable system!

I had been running a standard Slink system and I discovered that after the
dist-upgrade it hadn't upgraded the kernel and the old (2.0.36) kernel and
modules didn't want to work with the upgraded system.  It locked up after
displaying a long list of unidentified symbols during boot.

I had to compile a later (2.2.13) kernel, which I found on a magazine CD, on a
different machine.  The upgraded machine also runs OS/2 which has an ext2 driver
which enabled me to copy the kernel image to the appropriate place. Then, using
Tomsrtbt disc I re-ran lilo and got it all going.  It's been going well ever

I don't know why that should have happened. I don't think I had a Slink kernel
image package installed perhaps that's needed to get the kernel upgraded as well.

I have seen a number of people say that their upgrade all went well!

Sods law I suppose.  Best of luck.

Barry Samuels

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