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email setup and reply address


I'm running potato and am using fetchmail to receive mail and exim as my
MTA. I want to use pine to send mail.

Currently I've managed to set it up so that it attaches my actual email
address to the message as it goes out.  This works well from commandline
mail, but with pine (which this message was written with) Iv'e noticed
something is wrong.

I have sent email to one of my other accounts which also uses pine and
instead of saying who the mail is from in the message index section of
pine, it says who it is to, and when you reply to the message you end up
replying to yourself.

I've looked at the differences in headers between the commandline mail and
pine (btw I have little idea what I'm doing here), and have noticed that
the pine one includes both a Sender: field and an X-Sender field, where
commandline mail doesn't.

What do these mean?

What should I do to fix this problem?


David Purton

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