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Re: newbie install questions

you will need 5 disks, download rescue.bin root.bin and drivers 1 - 3 .bin

put them on a disk however you wish, boot from rescue and get you drivers/modules etc loaded and then do an ftp install, thats about all the help i can give right now, you will need at least those disks though

At 23:02 23/07/00 -0700, Dale Morris wrote:
I'm currently running redhat 6.2 and have been using Linux for about 6
months. I have a cable modem and my system is an
Athalon 600 w/128megs ram
15g hd
3com 905c-TX NIC
In the past I've tried to install debian from CD and have been unable
to get the 3c905x kernel module loaded. I figured I would wait until
potato was released with the newer kernel, but now I'm wondering if
there isn't an easier way, ie, ftp install. I downloaded the base
image and saved it to a directory (/debian) and also made a disk with
the rescue image. What I want to do here is use the newer kernel I
already have for redhat 6.2 with debian. That way, I shouldn't have
any NIC problems and can go ahead with an ftp install.
But I get a little confused at this point and rtfm isn't really making
it clear for me. Can anyone direct me to some sort of bonehead install
instructions or maybe give me a step by step scenario of what I should
do? I have ordered a book from amazon, "debian for dummies" that
should address my level of expertise but it's not been released yet..
Thanks in advance


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