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Re: editors and browsers

On Sun, Jul 23, 2000 at 03:28:32PM -0400, Thomas Kirsch wrote:
> 1. Are there any "WYSIWYG" email editors available for Linux? Preferentially
> any that would run also on Windows?

I believe you mean "GUI".  WYSIWYG doesn't apply to email, in which
you've no control over recipient client interpretation of client.
Netscape and Mozilla are compatible with both Linux and legacy MS Windows.  
Several mailers use standard mailbox formats allowing sharing of files.
A better general approach is to set up an IMAP server and access this
from various systems.  Divorce your client from your server and storage.

> 2. Are there any graphics based web browsers available for Linux other
> than Netscape? If yes, are there "release versions" of these browsers?

This is a FAQ answered several times a week here and on Usenet.
Search Google or Deja for general lists, or Freshmeat
(http://www.freshmeat.net/) for sets of clients.  Netscape is probably
the most commonly used browser, though it's a PITA.  I've also posted
tips on improving your Netscape experience through various config

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