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RE: RealPlayer7 causes Netscape 4.72/3 bus error on startup

On 23-Jul-2000 Rick Macdonald wrote:
> I can't get netscape 4.73 (tried debs and manual install) to work with
> RealPlayer7. The realplayer works fine on its own, but the plugin causes a
> bus error when netscape starts up (plugins/rpnp.so). 4.72 also fails.
> I tried deleting those ~/.RealNetworks* files ( I think somebody mentioned
> that), but that didn't help.
> My system is potato, current as of yesterday.
> Is anybody running RealPlayer7 on potato?

I am, in fact, a few moments ago I removed my Debian package for RealPlayer
and I download the RPM file and used Alien to make a Deb.  This Debian package
works much better and I no longer have the problem you mentioned.

I was just at BigBrother2000.com and RealPlayer worked great.
I am using Netscape 4.73


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