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RE: A strange little kppp error

on 21-Jul-2000 bsamuels@datamansys.co.uk wrote:
> Debian Potato ( kernel 2.2.16 ) with Slink version KDE.
> When I start kppp it displays a message which says that I don't
> have ppp compiled
> into the kernel or loaded as a module which is wrong (I have ppp as
> a module).
I ran into the same problem yesterday, (or was it today ?:), and for
my system (potato with kde stable for potato) the solution was to
upgrade kppp to the most recent version, 1.6.25 (I had to compile it
myself). Articles on Deja.com say that the older versions of kppp
relied on a bug in the kernels _before_ 2.2.14 IIRC. So the solution
seems to be either to upgrade kppp or to downgrade your kernel.

Hope this helps
                Andras Simonyi   

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