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Re: ThinkPad 600, kernel 2.2.17pre6, and hibernation

> This is just to inform ThinkPad 600 users that I
> have tested the latest kernel, 2.2.17pre6, and can
> report that SFAICT the hibernation problem has been
> solved.

I forgot to mention in my previous message that I had to
make a change to /etc/apm/apmd_proxy in order to get
suspend and hibernate working properly.  Specifically,
I had to remove the part of the script that checks to
see if the machine is on AC power and the request is
a system suspend, and exits in that case.  On the
ThinkPad, Fn-F4 and Fn-F12 generate system suspends
and so do the "tpctl --suspend" and "tpctl --hibernate"
commands; we don't want apmd_proxy to ignore these.

I have filed a bug report against the apmd package
with the above information.

The reason it is important for the /etc/apm/event.d/*
scripts to be run on suspend or hibernate is that,
at present, sound programs must be stopped in order
to prevent them from generating terrible noises after
the resume, before the ALSA drivers have had a chance
to reprogram the sound chip registers.  The 
/etc/apm/event.d/alsa script in the current woody alsa-base
package does just this.  It is to be hoped that someday
in the future the ALSA driver itself will gag playback
on suspend and un-gag it on resume so that the
/etc/apm/event.d/alsa script won't be necessary.
(I have asked the alsa developers to implement this
gagging.  My latest info is that IBM has paid LinuxCare
to modify the ALSA drivers for its upcoming ThinkPad T20
with Caldera Linux preload, and that the resulting mods
will be fed back to the ALSA project.  Good news.)

Thomas Hood

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