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Re: Subject: Re: anyone knowledgeable enough pls help!

On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, Joseph de los Santos wrote:

> Hi Pavel,
>   Thank you. I would really appreciate it if you can send me your
> programs... if you don't mind that is :)
> Pavel M. Penev kal_pav@sz.techno-link.com wrote:
> <cut>
> This here is absolutely wrong. The X11 system uses its own signals,
> transported via TCP/IP. Clicking File->Quit is just like clicking any
> other button. Netscape is responsible for handling the event, and it has
> no reason to kill its parent if run by a system()-like function, or run by
> exec*() function it will have its own signal-handling table. I have
> written two small programmes (one for GTK, and one to call it and trap
> signals). I can send them if you wish.

Have you still not received the tarball?!


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