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RE: PLEASE help me with apache package

Since you had not provided adequate info on your setup, I will assume you
are browsing your Linux (Apache) box from a M$ box on a local network and
that your Linux box is connected to the Internet. If you noticed, the
'other' links on the default page are actually Internet links and hence for
you to connect to the 'external' links from your windoze machine, your Linux
box need to be running as a proxy. This may explain the reason why you keep
getting the "Forbidden" page. You should be able to connect to the 'link' on
the default page from your Linux box...assuming that is you are connected to
the Net....

Here is my suggestion:

To enable browsing from you windoze box, install Squid on your Linux box
(it's an Internet caching applicaiton....something like a proxy server) and
edit the squid.conf in /etc to include your windoze ip in the acl. Edit your
network settings where the gateway is the ip address of the Linux box. Also,
I would suggest you install Bind on the Linux box and edit the DNS settings
on your windoze box to point to the Linux box.

Note: You will also need to set your proxy settings in your browser to point
to port 3128 since that is the port Squid uses.

Hope that helped as I am a bit rusty since setting up my home network some
time ago.


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> Subject:	PLEASE help me with apache package
> I've installed Apache 1.3.9-13.1 (from frozen)
> I can access the default page from my windoze box, but any other page 
> (including the links on the default page) gives the client 403 Forbidden. 
> I've checked and all the directories and files should be world accessible 
> (read, execute world).
> Why is the debian package configured like this by default? How can I set
> it 
> up so it works "normally" ?
> Thanks,
> Chris Martin
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