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Re: Exim for ISDN systems ?

Hi Preben!

On Sat, 15 Jul 2000, Preben Randhol wrote:

> Peter Palfrader <peter@palfrader.org> wrote on 15/07/2000 (00:48) :
> > exim -qf and/or  exim -qff will send all mail from the queue. If I remember
> > they both are blocking, i.e. will only return when all messages got send.
> Ah I see. The only problem now is to make the user able to run that
> command.
> To make it user-friendly (my father is no computer expert (yet)) I want
> a button he can press which runs a script to connect run exim and
> disconnect.

Why not automate it? Say a cron job that checks whether there is mail in
the queue and if there is, connects to the net, sends those mails and fetches
new ones?

You could also use sudo as has been mentioned by Moritz Schulte.


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