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Exim for ISDN systems ?

I'm trying to setup exim and spruce (e-mail client) so that I can use it
for a dial-up (ISDN) system.

What I do now is that all messages are sent from spruce to exim on
localhost, and then I want to open the connection to the internet (as
the user) and have exim send all the messages before the connection is
closed again.

Opening and closing of the internet is working, but the problem is how
to get exim to send the messages at once.

mailq is not giving me any information when I'm a user, but as root I
get a list of not sent mails. So I'm a bit lost on how to figure out
when exim has sent all the messages and it is time to close down the

Any help very much appreciated.

Preben Randhol -- [randhol@pvv.org] -- <http://www.pvv.org/~randhol/>
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