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Re: uninstall help

Jake wrote:
> Hi,
> I just installed Debian 2.2 version but I want to unstall and then reinstall
> it.I want to uninstall it because:
> 1) I have win-98 on it with two partitions of 2.6 GB which I might not able
> to access once LiLo is booted.Can u help me with that?
> 2) I am not able to configure my network in the Linux /Debian
> So I thought I will have to reinstall it setting some options for me to go
> to DOS -WIn 98 if I want.

The simplest way to "uninstall" is just to reinitialize your partitions
used for Linux, but it won't buy you alot to do that.
Why not just edit /etc/lilo.conf so that you shall have dual-booting
options?  man -k lilo . man lilo . man lilo.conf

The network configuration is a separate issue.  What problem are you
having with that?

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