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Re: Dialup Help!

The PAP protocol for user authentication sends the user name and
password, just as you would use if using a login.  But the
authentication process is handled by the PAP protocol implementation on
the host rather than by a login implementation.

I think there may have been confusion with the PAP protocol, which, like
CHAP, is a protocol defining a method of verifying a "user" to a "host"
when the user and host are trying to set up a PPP connection.  The PAP
or CHAP protocol "runs on top of" PPP.  This means the PPP connection
happens first, then authentication over the PPP connection.

A login based authentication process runs as normal text over a serial
line (just like with a terminal) to login on the host, which then starts
up the PPP program on the host (the "shell", if you like), which then
establishes a PPP connection with the user.

Bob Bernstein wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 13, 2000 at 02:35:32PM -0500, John Hasler wrote:
> > Nils asked about connecting some machines that serve Windows dialup clients
> > from Linux: i.e., what kind of weird authentication are they likely to use?
> > Joey answered that they most likely just use PAP.  Turns out he was right.
> Help me understand why the absence of a shell login process on these
> machines constrains them from using a simple exchange of username and
> password. Is there no other implementation of ppp that can use
> username/password?
> I have dialed up many an ISP with Dial-up Networking using this method, and
> I doubt I was in a shell login process. (Or is this where I'm wrong?) PAP
> has become popular, and ATT uses CHAP, but in principle is there anything
> about not having a shell login that makes impossible an exchange of username
> and password? Could it just be that on the system Nils has to connect to PAP
> is what's been implemented?
> (I don't mean to be quarrelsome; I'm just trying to understand.)
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