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Debian + other distribution (more questions)

Hi again, debianers,

  continuing my questions about two distributions on the samen HD,

     Somebody told me that Debian could use the same swap partition of my
RedHat. So, when I install Debian, should I select it to initialize the
existent swap partition or this will damage my RedHat? How should I proceed if
the answer be of you: "No, don't initialize the existent swap partition!"
                Thanks again,
 Ricardo Gabriel Herdt 

Em qui, 13 jul 2000, Ricardo wrote:
> Hi debian community,
>      Well,
>         I erased all on my HD and installed just RedHat,
>   Now I want to install Debian 2.2 without erase RedHat. 
>      My question is about lilo. On the installation of RedHat I installed lilo
> on the MBR.  But my version of lilo is a bit old. So I prefer to use Debian's
> lilo. How should I proceed to do this?
>      I thought in install Debian's lilo on it's partition and live RedHat's
> lilo on the MBR, so I would use my old lilo ( I think it wouldn't be so
> bad). Maybe I erase RedHat's lilo and install Debian lilo's on the MBR and
> configure it's lilo.conf too boot both distro's. If I install two lilos, one
> on the MBR and the other on debian's partitions this won't confuse the computer
> on the boot? What should I do?  
>     I'd like that you explain it step by step.
>                Thanks,
>       Ricardo Gabriel Herdt

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