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Re: Debian + other distribution (more questions)

On Thu, Jul 13, 2000 at 11:49:27AM -0300, Ricardo Gabriel Herdt wrote:
> Hi again, debianers,
>   continuing my questions about two distributions on the samen HD,
>      Somebody told me that Debian could use the same swap partition of my
> RedHat. So, when I install Debian, should I select it to initialize the
> existent swap partition or this will damage my RedHat? How should I proceed if
> the answer be of you: "No, don't initialize the existent swap partition!"

Just use the same swap, I know it can even be done with OpenBSD and
Linux sharing the same swap ...

I can't think of any problems with Linux + Linux, but you might need to
use 2.2.* kernels on both, but I'm not sure.


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