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Re: user space nfsd?

a word of warning,

current NFS in linux is really bad. dont know if its the kernel or the
tools or both(probably both) but i have experienced severe problems with
it.  the last time i tried it i tried to get a debian 2.2 machine with a
self-built 2.2.15 kernel to mount a nfs drive from a redhat and also
another mandrake machine.  both the redhat and mandrake machines locked up
HARD.  but both those machines could mount each other's volumes with no
trouble at all.

there is a nfs developer project on sourceforge(forgot the name) that
looks like it has all the unofficial nfs patches and upgrades. 



On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Krzys Majewski wrote:

majews >I'm looking for a way to mount my home directory on a remote machine,
majews >on my linux machine at home. I don't have root access on the remote machine.
majews >Anyone know if this is possible? Something very similar is surely possible
majews >since Emacs does it (ange-ftp), but I'm looking for a command-line solution.
majews >-chris
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