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Re: smbmount

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000, Keith G. Murphy wrote:

> zdrysdal@diagnostic.co.nz wrote:
> > 
> > thanx for the replies, it is all working now...
> > 
> > it is weird how a redhat Samba rpm package would have smbmount/smbclient
> > included whereas a Debian Samba package doesn't.
> > 
> Not everyone who uses samba needs both of those.  For instance, I use
> samba, and smbmount, but almost never have occasion to use smbclient.
> Consider:
> A network with a bunch of Win clients using samba for their file server
> (samba only)
> A network with mixed Linux and Win clients using samba for their file
> server (smbclient & samba)
> A network where samba is only used to back up Win clients (smbfs and
> samba)
> I'd be upset if Debian forced me to install all of them when I didn't
> need them all.
hmmmm yes reminds me of the `finger' package. A small package all on its
own. That is what makes Debian so good...the fact that it gives the user a
lot of scope when installing their system.

smbclient is good for testing out stuff quickly while on the Linux

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