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Re: Toshiba Satellite T1910CS notebook - preferred version?

On Sun, 9 Jul 2000, Tony Laszlo wrote:

> I am trying to install Debian on a Toshiba 
> Satellite T1910CS, 486, 110M HD, 8MB ram . 
> I won't be running X and will just need to 
> use: vim, pine (+fetchmail/sendmail), 
> lynx, ftp, telnet and pcmcia and parallel 
> port modules. 
> Have gone through the installation steps from 
> floppy to the point where the system boots 
> from the hard disk. Next, I need to get an 
> Corega EtherII PCC-T ethernet card working 

I've heard that pcmcia stuff is hard to get going under these


> in order to point dselect to the Packages.gz 
> on the debian ftp or www site. 
> My questions: 
> * In accordance with advice from someone who 
> had installed Linux on one of these beasts, 
> I chose Debian 2.0 distribution (/dists/Debian-2.0/). 
> Is this the preferred version for this machine and 
> these needs? 
> * while uname -a shows that the kernel running 
> is 2.0.36, somehow modules are 2.0.34 . I tried 
> to insmod pcmcia.o , etc. and got an error message 
> that the modules don't machine the kernel. 
> How could this happen and what's the best way to 
> reinstall so it doesn't happen or fix the problem 
> without reinstalling? 
> * To see what would happen, I downloaded the 
> pcmcia-modules deb file (2.0.36) from the Debian-2.0 
> site (copying it over to the Toshiba via floppies). 
> This I was able to install with dpkg -i ; so, while 
> the modules are 2.0.34, there are two sets of pcmcia 
> modules, 2.0.34 and 2.0.36 . 
> The Ethernet card requires pcnet_cs.0 so I entered 
> the necessary lines in /etc/pcmcia/config and started 
> pcmcia with "/etc/init.d/pcmcia start" (I have this 
> card working on a Linux box that runs with Turbolinux 
> [quite similar to Redhat]). On the Toshiba w/ Debian 
> it's not perfect yet, but the card is being recognized, 
> at least partially. 
> Anything else I need to do? Does the network need to 
> be configured before the card will be recognized 
> properly? 
> * Finally, I downloaded the kernel source from 
> /Debian-2.0/ and tried dpkg -i. It seems that I 
> need to install binutils first, or at the same time. 
> Anything else needed before I can recompile the 
> kernel? bin86, maybe? kernel headers of some kind? 
> Thanks!  
> Tony Laszlo
> Jiyugaoka, Tokyo
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