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Re: newusers command

"Suresh Kumar. R" <sudhas@md3.vsnl.net.in> writes:
> I used newusers command to create large numbers of users. I find that
> 1. it doesnot copy files from /etc/skel to the home directory. 
> Should it be enabled in some way ?
> 2. Also, it creates users with ids greater that what is 
> existing already. (As I understand from the source code)
> By default in debian, thereis the nobody account with 65534 
> as userid and all accounts created with newusers were not working 
> with reference to file permisions. (Precisely speaking, the new 
> home directories created were not having the userid ownership.)
> I had to change the nobody user id to some value like 200 to make
> the newusers command work. Is there any other alternative?
> 3. Is it possible to use newusers command to execute some defaults
> script after creating users (For ex. to run smbpasswd) ?

I'm not sure what the difference is but you might try the adduser
command instead (man adduser). I've never used newusers so I can't say
how it compares, but certainly adduser does almost everything you
mentioned above. I don't know if it can handle #3, but you could
certainly easily write your own script to call adduser and then
execute smbpasswd I would think.


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