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newusers command


I used newusers command to create large numbers of users. I find that

1. it doesnot copy files from /etc/skel to the home directory. 
Should it be enabled in some way ?

2. Also, it creates users with ids greater that what is 
existing already. (As I understand from the source code)
By default in debian, thereis the nobody account with 65534 
as userid and all accounts created with newusers were not working 
with reference to file permisions. (Precisely speaking, the new 
home directories created were not having the userid ownership.)
I had to change the nobody user id to some value like 200 to make
the newusers command work. Is there any other alternative?

3. Is it possible to use newusers command to execute some defaults
script after creating users (For ex. to run smbpasswd) ?

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