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Re: remote shell question

On Mon, Jul 10, 2000 at 10:14:37PM -0400, Chris Mason wrote:

> Is there any way to SSH or telnet into an account, start a command line
> program such as an ftp session, get the download going, then log out and
> leave the process happeneing. I would like to be able to start downloading
> then close down the workstation from which I SSHed, and come back the next
> day to find the task complete.

'nohup' runs a program, which is immune to hangups.
but, a much nicer way is to use 'screen'. you could start a screen
session on the remote host, start your ftp program in it, detach the
screen window and close the SSH connection. later, you can login to
the host again, re-attach your screen session. and, tada, you see your
ftp program, as before. :]

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