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R: MySQL and DBI

> I'm having a problem opening the data source of the MySQL 
> server.  The set
> up of my servers are as follows:
> 1.  My remote server is a Unix Apache and is with an ISP.  I've
> installed/unzipped the Data-Dumper, DBI, MSQL-MySQL Module and the
> CGI.pm into a folder just off the root.  I named the folder DBI.

i have no direct experience with DBI and mysql, but i'm using quite
extensively DBI with DB2 and ODBC.
did you test your installation? how did you get it? was it a .deb or just a
if it was a tarball, 99% you have to compile and install it before you can
use it.
and it's good to test it before going on developing.

> 2.  However, the MySQL server with the same ISP is on a separate Unix
> server.
> 3. I have a client I downloaded onto my computer from the Artronic.com
> web site which I use to connect to the MySQL server.  With 
> this client, I
> can create tables, run queries and other administrative 
> things.  It's a good
> client, but is still going through further development.

what is exactly that doesn't work? can you provide some code and error msg?
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