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Debian potato on an EGA display


I'm running Debian on a Celeron system with an EGA video board.
Everything is fine except the cursor is displayed 2 characters to the right of
where it should be. For example, if I type 'foo', I get
foo  _
but if I press backspace I get
fo  _

To solve this inconvenient I found a valid work-around with the soft cursor
feature of the Linux kernel, that allows to use a software cursor instead of
the hardware one. You can see Documentation/VGA-softcursor.txt in the Linux
kernel for more informations. The software cursor looks ok.

To enable the software cursor I simply run the command
echo -e "\033[?17;0;64c"

Now, with slink everything was fine, but, after upgrading to potato, vim
started restoring the hardware cursor on program startup, when coming back from
a shell, when coming back from suspend and leaving the hardware cursor on exit.

I have no idea on how to stop this; changing editor is not an option, so I
would like to know if someone can help me fixing vim behaviour or fixing the
hardware cursor under EGA, whichever is easier.

Thanks in advance, Enrico

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