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Re: What to use as an MTA

Dave Sherohman wrote:

> 2)  Unless you've registered your own domain and it can accept mail, the
> configuration generated by eximconfig won't quite work out of the box.
> Specifically, if you tell it you're @isp.net it will assume that all @isp.net
> addresses are local, preventing you from sending mail to other users who have
> the same ISP as you.  If you go through the config by hand, though, the
> comments in the generated file make it fairly clear how to fix this.

This was exactly my problem, when doing a quick configuration with
eximconfig.  Mail sent to my fillow students would not be delivered to
the university (my ISP), because the system thought, these mails were
local.  Right now I am using Netscape, so this is not a big issue, but
doing mail under Netscape is not the way to go.

The other problem I have with eximconfig is that it will only deliver 10
mails at a time and then pause for a (unknown) delay.  This occurs when
fetchmail gets mail from my ISP and passes it on to exim.  Again, not a
big issue, and I haven't even tried to fix it.

Anyway, I guess I'll go with exim.

MfG Viktor
Viktor Rosenfeld
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