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samba Passwords

Hello Group,
Well thanks to the list I got Samba working for the most part.
It seems I didnt have the smb.conf configured right. I have a shared 
directory that I can access fine but when I try to access the
/home/user directory I am promt for a password. I then enter
the password but it fails. I looked in the smbpasswd file but its
empty. So I tried "smbpasswd neutec" but after entering the pass I
receive an error that it failed to add it. So my first question is
how to add new users to Samba ? And I read somewhere that if I want to
share a CD-Rom I will need to add something to the fstab file. What
do I need to add there ? I cant find the man page on this. And for
my last question, Does anyone know where I can get some info on
setting up Samba as a Domain Controller?
Thanks again guys for all your help.
Its been great!!!!

It feels so good, It's a marginal risk, when I clear off windows with fdisk                  

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