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Re: RE: Samba Setup

Walter Williams wrote:
> The thing I never did figure out how to do was to 
> access the windows shares from Linux. This was 
> because my wife started whining about how since
> I setup a network that it was slowing down her
> computer.

If the Windoze box is called winbox and the shared drive is C, then on the
Linux box to mount that share at the mount point /mnt/winc do (as root):
smbmount //winbox/c /mnt/winc
You'll then be prompted for a password.  If no password was specified on the
Windoze machine, just hit enter.  Otherwise enter the password.

This is presuming that the Windoze machine has an entry in the /etc/hosts
file on the Linux box.  Otherwise, the Windoze machine's hostname can be
replaced by its numeric IP.
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