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RE: RE: Samba Setup


I setup and got Samba working with a Win95 machine.
Under the "My Computer" you right click on the item
you want to share and select "Sharing" from that
menu and set up the item for sharing. It's pretty
easy to understand. In the Control Panel, Network,
setup your you'r Windows system to have the same 
"Workgroup" name that you are in on your Linux system.
And give your Windows box a unique "Computer name".
Then you have to edit your samba.conf file on your 
Linux system according to the instructions. I was
able to edit most of this without looking at the 
instructions much, as most of the file samba.conf 
file is setup in a logical fashion. I used a text 
editor. You can even set up "your" Linux home 
directory as a share. Then when you login on 
Windows and click on "Network Neighborhood" 
you will have access to your home directory. 
You can even setup your home directory to be seen 
from "My Computer" be doing a little drive mapping.
FYI, you have to have your Windows network setup 
with an IP address and NetEUI for all this to work.

The thing I never did figure out how to do was to 
access the windows shares from Linux. This was 
because my wife started whining about how since
I setup a network that it was slowing down her

Well I hope this helps
Walt in Colorado

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Jay Kelly wrote:
> Hello All,
> I thought I would take a crack at Samba so I installed Samba. Now
> what do I need to do for my window98 clients to log in to samba? What
> change to my network setting will I need to make? Will my Primary Network
> Login be Microsoft Family or Client for Microsoft Networks? Do I need
> to change my Domain to point to Samba?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Jay

I'm not sure how to set up Samba to function as a domain
controller, which your question implies you're trying to do.
However, if you're just trying to share out stuff, like hard
drives, folders, and printers, do the following.

You'll need to edit /etc/samba/smb.conf to "define" your
"shares"; with the comments sprinkled throughout, it's fairly
intuitive for the basics. (You can also use SWAT (apt-get install
swat) for a web-based configuration tool, but I've never had any
success with it.)

Then, IIRC, you'll need to run smbpasswd to assign a
username/password to the people you want to give access to.

Finally, on the Windows box, you would simply map a drive to
\\YourLinuxComputer'sName\TheShareDefinedInSmb.conf. Your logon
will probably need to be Client for Microsoft Networks, but I'm
not sure.

Kent West

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