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Re: Debian Printing

rickloga@athenet.net wrote:
> I've been installing Debian for a month now and at the point
> where I want to print.  I have the Debian shrink wrap distribution
> put out by VA Linux, O'Reilly, and SGI.  It includes a book published
> by O'Reilly.  There is nothing in the book about installing printers.
>  I've read the 50 page HOWTO on printing and read the mailing
> list archives.  I have read about lpr, lpd, magicfilter, apsfilter,
> printcap, and several other details but have found nothing on
> how to print.  What do I do first? 

man magicfiterconfig

I configured my HP850c just running properly magicfilterconfig and
nothing more...

> Do I use modconf to tell
> whatever that there is a parallel port?

If you are using the onboard paralel port and your kernel is configured
acordingly, there is no need to.

> Do I edit the printcap file?

Let magicfilterconfig do the dirty job for you.

> If so, what do I say in it for my HP LaserJet 4P?  Do
> I type in "magicfilterconfig" and answer questions?

Nice option. Trust me.

> So far I have the command line only.

Once your printer is configured, it will work for console and X-based

> I'm reluctant to try the install
> of X windows as it sounds very complicated with several choices.
> If I install X windows first, is there a GUI print configure
> program?

printop, but it only allows you to _manage_ de lpd, not to _configure_
the printer.


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