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RE: Supported Hardware.

Thanks for the info

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I don't quite understand your question - you are selling some hardware, and 
want to make sure the components are supported by Debian?

Look at this address to find out:
Yeah - I could have looked up each item for you - but now you have the link 
you can do it yourself in the future.

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At 08:48 AM 7/5/00 +1000, you wrote:
>I'm about to quote on a number of servers with Intel's ISP1100 1RU rack 
>mount servers.  I need compatiblity for debian linux for:
>Adaptec 29160LP Low Profile PCI Ultra 160 SCSI card
>Matrox* Millennium G200 SD 8 MB SDRAM PCI
>Intel Pro100+ 10/100 Ethernet
>Intel Pro1000 100/1000 Ethernet

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