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Relay problem, Listar & Exim


I'm trying to set up a mailinglist-manager together with Exim, but if
fails because of some unknown reason.
I can perfectly mail a normal user at the host, but when I specify the
list-manager in the TO:-field then Exim says it tries to relay mail.

I've set the "local_domains" to "my.hidden.net", and the address which
the listmanager is sending from is "listar-owner@my.hidden.net".
So it should be OK since it is a local domain.

I'm sure it's a real simple problem, but I just can't see it.

Can someone please supply any ideas?

I'm running Slink, and Listar as mailinglist-manager.
The Exim-log is appended at the bottom.

   == andreas pålsson == did@algonet.se ==

2000-07-05 21:05:47 138nUU-0003ZF-00 <= did@algonet.se
H=hromeo.algonet.se [] P=smtp S=1002
2000-07-05 21:05:47 138nUU-0003ZF-00 => andreas <andreas@my.hidden.net>
D=localuser T=local_delivery
2000-07-05 21:05:47 138nUU-0003ZF-00 Completed
2000-07-05 21:05:48 138nUW-0003ZI-00 <= did@algonet.se
H=hromeo.algonet.se [] P=smtp S=999
2000-07-05 21:05:49 refused relay (host reject) to <did@algonet.se> from
<listar-owner@my.hidden.net> H=my.hidden.net (did) []
2000-07-05 21:05:49 unexpected disconnection while reading SMTP command
from my.hidden.net (did) []
2000-07-05 21:05:49 138nUW-0003ZI-00 => |/usr/lib/listar/listar
<listar@my.hidden.net> D=listar_aliases T=address_pipe
2000-07-05 21:05:49 138nUW-0003ZI-00 Completed

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